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We supply expert piano tuning and piano care services throughout Omaha, Nebraska. Every musical instrument requires ongoing fine tuning and regular maintenance in order to remain usable. Households and commercial enterprises trust our company to supply these essential skills. Our friendly service and our affordable prices delight customers!

Celebrate The Beauty of Music

Talented musicians around the world appreciate the vital importance of maintaining correctly cleaned and tuned instruments. Just like guitars, violins, and harps, pianos require periodic adjustments. This maintenance helps ensure the keys generate precisely tuned notes and chords. Music lovers across Omaha enjoy listening to piano music due (in part) to our services. Why does tuning remain an essential aspect of piano ownership? Enchanting piano melodies require more than a capable musician. The instrument itself must correctly issue every note. Even a very gifted piano player cannot overcome the jarring impacts of inadequate tuning. Music conservatories, piano retailers, Houses of Worship, educational institutions, and individual musicians all depend upon our Omaha-based firm to help them produce the best possible sound!

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    Our Comprehensive Piano Tuning and Piano Repair Services

    Rely on our experienced piano care company to supply comprehensive services. We help safeguard a customer's investment in a piano:

    Request this basic service on a regular, recurring basis. We adjust the piano to ensure the sound of every note rings true. This important function allows our customers to enjoy playing music on their pianos. We'll correct a a flat pitch, and also resolve problems caused by "sticky" or poorly responsive keys.

    In some cases, a piano requires more than simple tuning to regain its performance level. We offer a complete roster of piano repair services to assist our clients. Does the piano require the replacement of a broken key? Or the repair of heavily worn internal components? We supply expert repair assistance for a variety of popular piano brands.

    Today, a customer sometimes sustain painful financial losses simply by allowing the exterior of piano to lose its luster. Pianos deteriorate in appearance for a variety of reasons. Our company offers skilled piano refinishing services to help correct this type of preventable cosmetic damage. A piano seller often discovers an older instrument commands a higher price on the resale marketplace after we supply this service.

    Of course, in some cases, a piano has sustained significant damage. Many different causes necessitate skilled piano restoration and rebuilding. For example, extensive wear and tear, broken or missing parts, fire, water damage, and paint splatter all sometimes produce a pressing need for this service. Our ability to rebuild a cherished piano brings us immense personal satisfaction. We do our best to help customers preserve aging pianos in excellent condition.

    As a popular piano repair and tuning company in Omaha, our technicians possess experience working on a variety of piano brands and models. We sometimes perform instrument appraisals. This useful, cost-effective service assists customers seeking to determine the most likely current fair market value of a piano in this area. Prior to insuring a piano or placing a piano on the marketplace, consider requesting this assistance.

    One of the most valuable services we offer assists customers in protecting their pianos against extreme fluctuations in humidity. Our technicians install the piano humidity control devices offered by the Piano Life Saver System. As piano rebuilders, we undertake this installation process for customers quickly and reliably. The system employs complex electronic gadgets to help monitor and adjust humidity levels within the interior of a piano. By maintaining the humidity in this location within an approved range, piano owners help minimize long term damage.

    In addition to furnishing emergency repair services, we also assist our customers by undertaking comprehensive cleaning and maintenance. Just as human beings benefit from visiting physicians for regular health checkups, this process helps keep pianos in better physical condition. Ask us to perform comprehensive cleaning and tuning. We'll carefully remove dust and debris from the interior of the instrument. Our technicians also ensure rust does not detract from the clarity of the piano's notes. We help piano owners in the Omaha area optimize their enjoyment of these magnificent musical instruments.

    Why Choose Our Piano Services?

    What sets our company apart? We believe superb customer service contributes to our successful reputation. Additionally, our company furnishes a genuinely comprehensive program of piano care services. We make every effort to enable piano owners to protect their valuable investments in fine musical instruments.

    Piano tuning cost considerations prove insignificant compared with the lifetime value of the instrument. Indeed, a regularly maintained piano potentially offers decades of enjoyment. Preserve this valuable asset for the benefit of future generations with our help!

    Understanding the Makeup of Pianos

    The Physics of Fine Tuning Pianos

    One especially important consideration in tuning a piano involves the complex relationship between humidity and wood. Even many people who own pianos do not always realize moisture in the air surrounding the instrument eventually impacts its performance. Fluctuations in humidity levels determine whether the wooden parts of a piano swell or contract at a microscopic level.

    These ongoing subtle shifts, in turn, ultimately determine the useful lifespan of the piano. Extreme environmental conditions cause problems. Significant threats range from rust to de-lamination and cracks in the wood. Pianos remain useful much longer when an owner obtains ongoing regular maintenance and tuning services to help counteract unwanted humidity changes.

    Our Piano Tuning and Repair Specialists

    Complete piano repair and tuning encompasses a number of important skills. Our technicians sometimes serve as piano rebuilders. They excel in woodworking and fine carpentry craftsmanship. Yet they must possess a trained ear for music, too. Detecting nuances between different musical notes proves critical in this line of work. Our company has invested in high quality equipment to assist us in providing complete piano maintenance and care services.

    Our ability to furnish a full roster of services greatly assists our customers. If we notice signs of instrument damage while completing tuning, we alert customers to these concerns promptly. We make every effort to help clients enjoy their pianos for a lifetime.

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    Schedule an Appointment Conveniently

    We provide fast, courteous piano tuner services across the Greater Omaha Area. Many local residents ask us to furnish regular, ongoing maintenance and piano care assistance. Customers schedule appointments with us at their convenience.

    Call us now to speak with a knowledgeable piano tuner. Ivory Shine Piano Tuning welcomes inquiries from customers with all kinds of piano needs. We look forward to helping our customers maintain treasured pianos in great condition for many years!