Piano Repair

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Why should you choose us to diagnose and repair your piano?

Ivory Shine Piano Tuning is a leading name for the best piano repair services in Omaha and the surrounding regions. With over a decade of repair experience in the industry, we employ the best and the fastest practices to quickly repair your piano and help you get back to making music. Our goal is to offer holistic repair services, ranging from string rewiring to structural maintenance.

What can happen to a piano that would cause the need for repair?

Pianos can break apart or have non-responsive keys from time to time. You need to get in touch with the professionals and get your piano-repaired as soon as possible to get back your music. People often break their piano when they are moving from one place to another. Transporting a huge piano is a tricky chore.

In addition to this, dust and debris can also result in non-responsive keys over time. Professionals can help you and repair your piano as soon as possible. Some pianos also suffer from different problems, such as grand regulation and touch control. We can also help you with piano string repair, dolly installation, and key replacement for a wide range of pianos. We can jump in and save the day by offering the best piano-repair services in Omaha.

Similarly, there are times when people cannot hear any sound from their keyboard. There are also times when there is uneven volume coming from the keyboard. There is no need to get worried about this. Our experts can get back to you as soon as possible and offer a proposal at your fingertips.

Our professional repair technicians are here to help

If your piano needs a new key top or replacement for cracked frame, we are here for you. Our technicians can change broken and sticky keys and clear the keyboard contacts. This way, you can enjoy an even volume for all the different keys and have fully responsive keys underneath your fingers.

Our piano experts can also help you with pedal adjustments or replacements without breaking your financial budget. We can repair the different piano components and get you back to making music as soon as possible.

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